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TOEIC Grammar 대명사

1 대명사 출제 포인트

✔ 수/ 인칭/ 격 일치

one's own 명사 = 명사 of one's own : 소유의 의미를 강조

✔ 동명사의 의미상 주어 → one's V~ing

✔ his, N’s 주의 - 소유대명사 (소유격 + 명사)

✔ 부분을 나타내는 대명사 all of ~~

✔ 전치사구, 분사구, 관계대명사 등의 수식을 받을 수 있는 대명사는 ( that, those )

앞에 나온 단어를 대신해서 쓰는 대명사 ( it, they )

✔ 문장 내에 일부 단어를 대신해서 쓰는 대명사 - 단수는 that, 복수는 those

✔ 가주어 it

It is 형용사(V-ed) + to V / that S + V

✔ 가목적어 it

V5 + it (가목적) + 형용사 + to V (진·목)

think it easy to do      

find it difficult to do      

make it possible to do

I found it important to study TOEIC.

(나는 TOEIC을 공부하는 것이 중요하다는 것을 알게 되었다.)

The host showed me the living room.

(그 주인이 나에게 거실을 보여주었다.)

Mr. Jones was satisfied with his salary.

(Jones씨는 그의 봉급에 만족했다.)

We ourselves must take precautions against the flu.

(우리 바로 우리가 독감에 대해 예방 조치를 취해야만 한다.)

I spent a whole weekend by myself.

(나 혼자서 주말 내내 보냈다.)

2 재귀대명사

재귀대명사 관용


1. [ They / Their ] are planning to go on vacation next Friday.

2. The already established companies will be reducing [ their / them ] advertising costs.

3. Though the president gathered different opinions, the final choice was [ his / him ].

4. The employees dealt with the problem by [ them / themselves ].

5. Painting is an effective way for artists to express [ themselves / them ].

6. Ms. Lynne decided to quit the job for reasons of [ her own / herself ].

3 지시대명사 / 지시형용사



1. Our printer is cheaper than [that / those] of our competitor.

2. The paintings in the room look much better than [those / that] in the lobby.

3. This week’s reviews are better than [that / those] from last week.

4. My relationship with my colleagues is similar to [that / those] of my classmates at school.

5. The cost of rent is higher than [that / those] of electricity.

6. These results are inconsistent with [that / those] of previous studies.

7. HT’s sports bags differ from [that / those] of Star Track in price and quality.

8.  [ Those / Anyone ] who are interested in attending the class are welcome to e-mail to us. 

9.  [ Those / Whoever ] remaining in the office are required to leave the building in a few minutes.

4 부분을 나타내는 대명사

✔ 부분 대명사 + of + the / 소유격 + 명사

✔ 부정대명사 - 비슷한 종류, 막연한 수량, 정해지지 않은 대상

✔ 서로서로 -대명사, 부사

    each other (2)

     one another (3)

✔ 단수취급 : another / each / (every) 

( ~thing,~body,~one ) + 형용사 +(to V)

부분 대명사.png

5 부정 대명사

부정 대명사.png
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